Using the Happy Vibe to Stand Out and Attract Women


Have you been out at a club lately? Did you notice the faces of most of the men?

They look angry or tough, or overly macho. They try to look like this thinking that that's attractive to a woman. Little do they know that most women smell this fakeness from miles and find few things less attractive then that.

So, next time you go out — whether it's a loud club or quiet lounge with unique ambiance — you are going to exude a different vibe, different from almost all other guys. A vibe which will be obvious and very noticeable to women around. A vibe which will lead them to perceive you differently from all other guys, even before you approach.

I am talking about the HAPPY VIBE.

You are going to smile with the genuine smile of excitement about being out, alone or with your friends. You will not be standing frozen in one place, but will move around, gesticulate, and be in the center of attention of your friends. Be alive, show energy and interest in what's going on around.

If you make eye contact with a woman, nod immediately with a light smile and say "Hi" with your voice or lips depending on how far she is standing from you. Don't approach her right away. Allow her to turn around and take a breath and ... go for it after just a minute or so.

Come over and say: "Excuse me" and wait until she turns around. Then say "Hi" and nothing else. WAIT until she says "Hi" back. This shows your power beyond anything else.

Then proceed: "I noticed you from the other side of the room and thought you were very 'cute/friendly-looking' and wanted to meet you."

Watch the results!

You probably want to tell me now that women hardly ever make eye contact with you in public places. Trust me, if you exude the attitude of a positive, fun person with your facial expression and body language, the likelihood of a woman making eye contact with you will be very high.

So prepare yourself.