How to Use Priming to Alter a Woman's Perception of You

by Matt

Social psychologists have a term called priming. The idea is that the use of certain words when speaking to someone, in this case some cute chick, can alter the way they see you.

Let me explain...

When you're chatting away with that brunette in the red miniskirt, her mind is ticking away judging you. Here's where priming comes in.

If you throw in some words like funny, strong, confident, good looking, sexy, just to name a few... her brain will find it easier to perceive you using the terms it has at hand.

This concept has been tested under scientific conditions and has been proven to manipulate judgment.

While this tactic has its merits and has worked wonders for me, remember that it's only a cherry on the cake of:

  • your attitude
  • your body language and facial expressions
  • and the voice you choose to use.