An Excellent Way to Learn the Skills You Need to Succeed With Women... While Getting Paid at the Same Time

by Taz

Need a summer job?

Become a waiter.

Guys, I just got a job at Red Lobster and I have been going through rigorous training for the past week. I've realized that becoming a waiter can give you a huge boost in your quest to become a true Don Juan with the ladies.

Here are some of the advantages:

  1. You MUST go up to complete strangers and act friendly and enthusiastic.
  2. Many of these strangers may be hot girls, and there is absolutely no chance of getting rejected.
  3. You learn flirting, persuasion, and listening skills.
  4. You improve your skills in describing objects and eliciting feelings in the guest, using adjectives such as "succulent", "incredible", and my favorite - "humongous." Simply by using certain adjectives you can appear to be an excellent and well-worded speaker.
  5. You learn to be an actor, putting on a smile and acting friendly despite how you may feel on the inside.
  6. You MUST memorize entire paragraphs, and practice them constantly.
  7. You're getting paid! (And the amount actually depends on how well you do.)