Progress More Quickly with Women By Recording Your Pickup Attempts

by 2ndTour

Here's something I have been doing since I started using this site about a year ago...

Every encounter I've had with a girl (anything from a "hello" to a number close) I wrote down, with a rating out of one to ten as to how well I did with the girl, and then a minor comment, such as:

  • 1 point - was completely ignored
  • 3 points - friendly, but no number
  • 7 points - gave name (anne) and number with smile

This way, you can judge your improvement by the numbers.

Because sometimes you may be thinking "I've asked hundreds of girls out, and they all rejected me" — but this is exaggerating the problem.

When you have the ACTUAL numbers, you will see that they're probably not that high, and you're actually doing not too bad, in relation to the number of attempts you've made.

The other thing cool about this is that...

You can progress more quickly by quantifying a target.

If you talk to 1 girl/week for a year, that's 52 attempts. But if you force 10 attempts/day for a week, that's already 70 in ONE WEEK. (You have 70 guaranteed points in a week — and the "gods of getting you laid" notice this kind of effort.)

Setting the number itself will propel you forward.

See, "I will get laid by a hot chick this year" is a good goal, but it's kind of vague, and in a way depends on another person (the chick wanting to lay you).

Whereas the goal of "I will approach 70 women this week" — well, nobody is in the way of that, but you, and it is very specific.

Eventually you will have enough success that you won't have to record minor flirtations anymore (especially if you say "hi" to fifty women a day), and you can stick to recording overt successes (i.e. you got laid).

But at first, you should put them all down.