Why Your First Date With a Woman Should Be Cheap

by PracticalHappiness.com

Next time you go out on your first date, change your routine a little bit.

Break your predictable dinner or drinks plans and do something different — something very simple and inexpensive. I call it a "$1.55 date" — that's what Starbucks charges for medium coffee these days.

Don't take me wrong. I am not cheap; I just know what works better — for you and her.

On your next first date — meet up at a coffee shop, have coffee, put your conversational and dating skills to the test by being positive, funny and interesting to talk to in an intimate, relaxed environment. Then, take a nice, slow walk together and see how things go.

Why is this so much better than dinner or drinks?

There are many reasons.

  1. You concentrate on each other and not on a plate of rice or a steak.
  2. You talk to the real person and not a woman who hides her true face behind alcohol.
  3. You don't come across as a wimp who has to pay to be with a woman.
  4. You show your dominance by controlling the situation without coming across as controlling.
  5. You find out much faster whether or not there is chemistry between two of you.

You get an extra bonus too — if she seems unhappy about such a "cheap" date — you get to see and lose the "bitch" early on without wasting too much time on her.

Save the scuba-diving and rock-climbing for later. Start simple and ... if they deserve it — move up.

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