My Favorite Way to Approach and Pick Up Women

by Randall

I've read a lot about different approaches to picking up women, so I thought I'd share my favorite approach. I use this approach all the time and it has a conversion rate of about 40 percent.

An example of this happened Tuesday afternoon.

I went to Borders to pick up a cup of coffee and saw a very attractive brunette reading a magazine. I sat next to her and simply said, "I'm going to hit on you, ok?"

She looked stunned and was at a loss for words. Before she could say anything I said, "So, what are you reading? How was that for a pickup line?"

I was doing this in a very playful manner, which led to a smile and her saying, "You're quite unique, aren't you?"

"Yes I am unique, that is if you like unique people" is what I responded with. We talked for about twenty minutes and she told me she had a boyfriend, but that it was nothing serious. She gave me her number and we have a date planned for next Saturday because I told her I had plans this weekend.

I feel much more comfortable with this approach than simply chit-chatting with someone when they know what I want but it isn't talked about. Now, THAT is uncomfortable.

Once you get past the question of "I'm going to hit on you, ok?" then it's easy sailing because she knows what you want and she will either let the conversation go on or will stop you dead in your tracks.

And if that happens, then you don't want her anyway.