Palm Reading: How to Use It to Meet and Charm Women

by Joe

I read in an earlier article about initiating touch with a girl you have met or have been on dates with. One of the suggestions I recall was to say that you could read palms. I thought this was a fantastic idea.

My initial experience with this was a little uncomfortable, as I didn't have a clue about reading palms. However, I was pleasantly amazed at how quick a lady would extend her hand out to you. Her attention is then completely on you.

I've since purchased a book on palmistry and did some brief reading. The topic is quite interesting, I don't actually believe it myself, but like I said it's interesting.

I've learnt some of the basic things, about relationships, children expectations, active hand, passive hand, and just some of the jargon.

The success rate has been 100% so far.

My palm reading skills probably still suck, but add a little humor, and her hand is yours. You'll also be surprised about how much the girls know about these things as well, and they could end up reading your palms.

Anyway it occupies a good 10-15 minutes conversation, and even longer if you're in a group. The surprising thing is even if you say you're not that good at it as a disclaimer, the hand is still yours.

Once she has extended her hand, and I "reluctantly" accept, I hold her hand inside the palm of my left hand. I use my right hand to navigate her palm. My touch is soft and sensual. The fingers and thumb on my left hand is also at work, softly rubbing the outside of her hand. You'll be surprised with how comfortable ladies are in this position.

Here's a bit of humor I used on one palm reading which ended up in the bedroom:

While having sex, I told the girl I shouldn't have read her palm. When she asked me how come, I told her that I read that the two of us would be having mad passionate sex. I had to wait for her to stop laughing.

Happy palm reading, gents.