How I Steal Girlfriends When Out at the Clubs

by Teddybear666

I have used this technique several times and have gotten some good results.

Most guys who see hot looking girls with boyfriends in nightclubs consider these girls totally off limits and figure they have no chance. In many cases, this is the case.

But many girls, especially young girls, have a boyfriend just for the sake of having a boyfriend... just because their friends have boyfriends and they don't want to be left out.

It has always amazed me how many girls who are with guys give me the look, smile, and other subtle flirts.

Now you probably aren't going to be able to get a girl who is with a guy to rush home with you for a night of passionate sex, but...

Here's How It Works

You get into a position in the club where she can see you, but he can't see you. Could be when they are dancing, dance just behind him, or if they are just talking, stand somewhere out of his vision but in hers.

Smile, laugh, and then point at him (not dramatically, just lift your arm up at waste level). With your other hand, hold your hand palm down and rotate the hand left and right, back and forth gently.

Now this sounds a bit weird I know but in essence what you are trying to say with your action is "He's so-so" or "Um, not bad, but you can do better."

Now if the girl had some interest in you in the first place, I can guarantee that this will pique her attention. In most cases the girl smiles at me, knowing full well what I mean.

Here are just a few of the results I have received:

  • A girl approached me when I was going to the toilet (well out of sight of the boyfriend) and gave me her number.
  • Two weeks later at the same club, this girl was there without her boyfriend. She came right up to me and we basically started some sexy dancing straight away. Things went, um, very well from there.
  • A girl came up to me (again out of sight of her boyfriend) and said, "You're cute. I'm sorry I have got a boyfriend but I have a friend who will love you." She set me up and things went well.

So in summary, you might not get the results that night, but things can happen. It can't hurt to try, right?

She had a boyfriend anyway — how high could your expectations have been?

Why Does It Work?

Well, you are not trying to outdo her man; you aren't trying to outmacho him. Think about it. She would expect this kind of action from one of her girlfriends — like when she introduces her boyfriend to her friends, they all go to the loo together and talk about him. Some of her friends might say "Yeah, he's not bad."

So for this to come from a guy and a stranger is something different. She is thinking, "Hmm, this guy is different." (Um, make sure you don't do it in a gay kind of way!)

I won't lie: you need to have some kind of sex appeal for this to work. A total wuss isn't going to get anywhere trying to steal a Victoria Secret model away from Brad Pitt.

Good Luck!