How Hollywood Feminizes and Castrates Men... and Teaches Men to FAIL with Women

by Marlimus

I have come to the conclusion that there is an ongoing conspiracy in Hollywood to feminize and castrate men, in everything from music to movies to Oprah.

There is a subtle subliminal message being perpetrated that romance is tantamount to giving women all the power as a high stakes gamble. And that love means not mutual compromise, but a kind of one sided compromise where the guy has to make most of the sacrifices in order to 'prove' his level of love and commitment.

In short, there are influences in Hollywood that promote AFC (Average Frustrated Chump) behavior.

Look at romantic comedies...

Now some of them are good, and they are not all estrogen-laden chick flicks that make men nauseous, but they tend to have certain trends running through them all.

The climax in many of these movies usually involves the guy performing a desperate, 'romantic' act that basically brings him to his knees after giving away all his power.

In these movies, the woman then swoons, gets all teary-eyed after being convinced that he loves her, and takes him in.

This whole sequence usually follows after the man does something selfish or stupid, or screws up in some way. Many of these movies involve the man groveling and asking for forgiveness in some way.


  • In 'Hitch', starring Will Smith, Hitch goes to the woman's house to practically beg her forgiveness once she finds out he is the Date Doctor, instead of standing his ground and explaining that he is doing nothing wrong and is making a living. She then reveals that her new fianc´┐Ż was just an actor she used to make him jealous.
  • In 'Anger Management', starring Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler, Sandler puts it all on the line and proposes to her in front of an entire stadium of people, in order to prove to her that he loves her enough to overcome his fear of public displays of affection.
  • In 'What Women Want', starring Mel Gibson, after getting her fired and getting the job he wanted, and sleeping with her, he gets a sudden crisis of conscience and confesses that he had been sabotaging her, and once again putting it all on the line, begs for forgiveness and tells her he loves her. She promptly fires him.
  • In 'Can't Hardly Wait', a high-school graduation teen flick, the guy writes a long, needy love letter to a popular girl that he never had the guts to talk to, she tells him off at the pool party, then kisses him later on.
  • And there is an older movie where a man stands outside a woman's window with a stereo raised above his head, playing a romantic song.

In all these instances, the man had to debase himself in some way in order to win the girl. She is the Prize in all these interactions.

Observe the lyrics to the following song:

Whatever I said, Whatever I did,
I didn't mean it,
I just want you back for good

Whatever you want,
Just tell me the song and I'll sing it,
I just want you back for good

When was the last time you heard a love song about a man playing with a girl by being a challenge, or playing hard to get? Women sing songs like "Independent Woman" and "Make Him Wait" and we sing songs like THAT!

This is part of the reason that AFC's think they fall in love, then act like wusses, then grieve when they don't get the girl. They end up having this wide-eyed, panting puppy-dog attitude to love and being in love.

It is bad enough that many mothers train their sons to be 'nice' to women (see my article about not taking advice from chicks) but we also have these Hollywood influences bombarding us.

Be on your guard.