What If You Touch a Woman Some Place You Shouldn't?

by Almstfamis

Ok, I think everyone has had this problem:

You're reaching for something and you touch a girl you just met somewhere that you shouldn't have. An embarrassing silence ensues, then you make some kind of apology and throw out a nervous laugh. Over and done with, right?

Well, not quite. That kinda doesn't make you look too smooth even though she says it's okay. And we all want to be smooth, right?

Next time you are reaching across and you touch her chest by accident, don't just apologize. Without even pausing say something like, "Oops, I missed. I was trying to grab the other one."

Guaranteed that will have her rolling on the floor and leave you totally unembarrassed.

This also works for other things not so embarrassing like giving her a "flat tire" (stepping on the back of her shoe) or kicking her foot by accident. There's a number of things you can use it with, and you can use any funny saying to do it. This is just an example that works for me.

You'll also notice something strange...

She all of a sudden will be way more comfortable with you touching her.

She knows it's no big deal to you.

Also she may do something really great, getting into the spirit of things, and ask you to actually touch her other one (it's happened to me, believe it). Then you can say, "Yeah right. I don't want to touch those things; they probably have cooties."

This kind of thing works wonders.

Then You Can Do the Tickle Test

First have her hold her arms out and say you need to check something. When she puts her arms out just poke her in a usual ticklish spot for most people. When she freaks out and starts to laugh just say "ok" and pull away not touching her again.

She'll of course get curious if you're also ticklish. She may ask you first. If she does say, "No way, I'm the man of steel" or something stupid like that (girls really love a dork). Well, then she'll have to test it out to see for herself.

When she finds out that you are ticklish after all then it's on. She'll feel the need to tickle you all night long, almost like punishment for "lying" to her, lol. But this is the good kind of punishment.

Now you have an excuse to jump on her and tickle the crap out of her which is always fun. And with the endorphins pumping and hormones flying, you can move on to the next step which is whatever you want to do.

I hope this info can help a few people out. I've always been successful with women so I never really had to look into this kind of thing before. But, I figured, can it really hurt to know more about seducing women?

No way, it never hurts. So here I am, and now you all get advice from a life long seducer.

Don't be afraid to be goofy. Women love it if they're interested in you, which they already are.

Wishing you all the best,


P.S. One thing I've found truly effective in making a women feel special right away is giving her a nickname the first or second time you meet her. I do this all the time and it works wonders. I don't know how I figured it out, lol, but I did. Use it if you want, but it has to be a cute or witty one. Just not something she's sensitive about.