My Tips on Emailing Women

by Matt

I try to learn from my experiences, looking at patterns of successes and failures.

I have enticed women right into my bed via email and I have blown golden opportunities up in a matter of moments as well.

What seems to work is keeping emails short on content so that you don't overwhelm her or create too many chances for misunderstandings.

Consider writing something ahead of time and waiting a few hours before you send it out. Oftentimes, you will be glad that you took a second look at it.

I will steal parts of effective phrases from liner notes of music and work it into my email to her.

Take time to find something cocky and funny to say with little chance of it being misinterpreted. Try to use less email than she does.

Don't allow email to be your main channel of communication if at all possible. Supplementing and seducing is one thing but the idea is to get our hands off of the keyboard and on to her body.

Like everything, read the situation and be cool. Clever emailing can be a winning part of your repertoire if you stay away from the pitfalls and strive for creativity and/or plagiarism.

Keep Smiling!