How Palm Reading Attracts Girls to You Like a Magnet

by Ashok Kumar Agarwal

I was having many girls around me but there was no way to talk to them and making a start. I went in "hey and hello" and no more.

One day my cousin visited me from far off place. He was mad with beautiful chicks around and asked me if I could introduce any to him. I looked awkward. Looking in my face questioningly, he said, "Hmm, you need some tips on hooking up with girls."

He asked me to stretch out my palm and now he was reading my hand, a bit loud so that some around him could hear. He was admiring every quality in me (instead of telling any shortcoming) and lo, there was great crowd of all including girls around him.

"Sir, you know palmistry?" a pretty woman asked. And now he was engaged with her.

While speaking, his comments were like "You are very pleasant in nature and occasionally want love and affection of others, etc." And by the time, he finished off his observations, another girl was ready.

He had spent two hours comfortably and also got five phone numbers to start with for dating.

The most important thing was that he admitted less knowledge on the subject but girls want to listen to goodie goodie things any way. Also, most of them know that it is somewhat an act but they also want to talk to you by some way and this is a way.

This was a message to me that learn some arts like palmistry with talking and praising in between. In case, it is not possible, take photographs of good ones or have practice on sketches. Showing hand and knowing more of the future fascinates girls and they will come again and again to hear you as long as you keep on telling them about their good qualities.

So go on, pick up a book and learn basics. It is needed to learn basics so that you could fascinate them that you have in-depth knowledge.

Ashok Kumar Agarwal