A Simple Way to Get Girls to Approach You and Start a Conversation

by Ryan

So you're not really comfortable going up to women and talking to them?

How about having them talk to you first?

I used to go to parties all the time and I usually know about half the people there. I'd wait for one of my friends to start talking to a couple girls and then I would jump in. Not a very good technique because you're out of the loop pretty much.

So I started thinking how could I get girls to talk to me...

I decided to go shopping and saw a shirt with a funny saying on it so I picked it up (only $14.99). I went to a party a couple days later and I was not there for more then 2 minutes before some girl said "I like your shirt."

Now I was in a much more comfortable position. I talked to her for a couple minutes and then went on doing my own thing.

The benefits of this simple idea:

  1. If you have a shirt with words on people are going to read it. They're not going to ignore it — it's impossible. This gives you more attention then somebody wearing a regular shirt.
  2. When someone starts talking to you it's much more comfortable then going up to someone and trying to start a conversation.
  3. It's cheap. You don't have to go out and buy $50 shirts that won't even get you any attention.

I'm not saying this is going to get you a girl because that part is all up to the rest of your game. But this way you will probably talk to more girls which increases your chances.