The Top 10 Things You Need to Remember If You Want to Be a Huge Success with Women

by Ofus

A true Don Juan with the ladies...

  1. Is always striving to improve himself and to minimize or eliminate his flaws.
  2. Makes no excuses for his desires as a man.
  3. Always takes action, never hesitates with women.
  4. Knows he is the prize, not the woman.
  5. Goes for the close (or walks away if he decides he doesn't want her).
  6. Smiles, uses strong eye contact and kino (touching).
  7. Takes sexual initiative when the time is right (i.e. kisses her without asking, leads her to the bedroom, etc.).
  8. Respects women, but respects himself more and doesn't tolerate disrespect from a woman.
  9. Does not let a woman take precedence over his dreams and ambitions.
  10. Looks and feels good all the time.