How to Meet and Pick Up Women In Places Other Than Bars and Clubs

by Joe

It's funny how I always hear that you can't pick up a woman in a non pick-up zone, like a supermarket, a park, or out of the ordinary place.

Yet, a couple of smooth lines and you're in like Flint.

Remember, at these places you HAVE NO COMPETITION! You're the center attraction, the holder of your own destiny. This isn't the local meat-market where hundreds of other guys are lurking around with the same intentions as you.

First, as usual you make eye contact, and if she responds favorably, you don't wait. You have to make your move quickly.

You look at her again as if you know her from somewhere but can't put your finger on it. Then you walk over and ask "Did you go to BlahBlah High School by any chance?"

Of course she didn't, but it opens the door to the next biggie...

"You look very familiar, where do I know you from?"

At this point she really starts thinking. If she's interested she'll tell you that you also look familiar but she can't place you either — a coy game but very effective.

Then you ask her name and tell her yours. Of course you're both still acting puzzled on where you know each other from. Then all you have to say is "Would you like to go out with me sometime?"

She can't say that she doesn't know you because she just wracked her own brain figuring out where you know each other from, so it's usually easy pickings by this time.

I always have business cards with my number AND email address — just in case she doesn't call guys. It's an easier "in" for her. But of course this method is only if she feels uncomfortable giving out her number.

And voila, you're in like a dirty shirt in the laundry...

I have better luck with this than any bar I've ever been in.