Three Quick Romantic Tips That Work Very Well with Women

by Carl

1. In a rush for a present?

Head over to the nearest pharmacy, grab a gift bag and fill it with "women's products" — shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, scented oils, scented soaps, etc. Give it to her and you could be using those products on her soon.

2. Want to take the relationship to the next level but not ready to ask her to go steady yet?

Give her two flowers. One yellow and one red. With each give her a note. For the yellow flower the card should say "For my best friend" and the card for the red flower should say "To the one I love." Instant girl puddy in your hands!

3. Whenever she's close and her hair is hanging by her face...

Use your index and middle finger from either hand to smoothly brush her tresses behind her ear. As you do this run both or one of the fingers all the way behind her ear right down to her ear lobes.

This sensitive area not only relaxes girls, but it has a subconscious maternal effect that suggests comfort (just like how their mom used to do it to them) and closeness.