Good Looks Alone Will Not Make You Popular with Girls

by DJ Mix Master Mike

I don't like to brag; it's a quality in men that I despise. So please forgive me if you feel I come off in this letter as bragging.

As a young kid, I wasn't blessed with good looks but as I've grown into a man, now 24, I've matured into something completely different — what people call very handsome looks and a body that's in great shape.

Women will turn their heads to look at me when I walk by; they blush if I look in their direction. It drives all the girlfriends that I've had crazy.

But even when I had the looks, it wasn't always like this.

The problem was women were too intimidated to even speak to me. And in turn I thought there was something wrong with me. When I would come up to a girl and she would literally freeze from fright of saying something wrong when I tried talking to her.

It was horrible! My self esteem was very low and it showed. I could never get the girl.

I'd mumble when I spoke to women. I'd walk around in a slouch. Stuttered. Despite my good looks, it completely turned women off.

Until I started reading these articles and learned much from them. Slowly I learned that character is what makes a man, not his looks. And I think that it's a lesson that many men need to understand and get through to their heads — looks aren't everything.

Even If You Have Good Looks,
You Will Never Get the Girl with Just That

You need much more than that. In fact, most women won't care about your looks if you're charismatic.

Two films you can check out to help you get the idea better are "The Tao of Steve" and "Something's Gotta Give." But the best way to really understand it is if you take yourself in your hands and start using the advice we've all been sharing with each other and put it to use.

Go out there and be all you can be. Women are waiting for a true man like YOU.

It'll take some work, it's taken me 24 years and I'm still working on myself and always will. But that's the true quality of a real man. Always perfecting himself.

I'm not going to tell you how to do that — you can find all of those tips at and many other sites. As well as some great books out there.

Just remember this: looking like Brad Pitt is not what will get you the women. Your character is.

And if you do get a woman with just your looks, do you honestly want to be with a woman who thinks that lowly of men?

DJ Mix Master Mike