A Simple Secret of Attracting Women That Very Few Guys Understand

by Ed

I was talking to a woman I know about the way I enjoy being newly single. She flipped when I told her that I have a bunch of phone numbers and not enough time to fill all the requests.

Just like a woman, she was trying to make me feel bad. Thinking I only need ONE woman instead of surveying my many options first.

The more I CONFIDENTLY let her know that I love being sought after, the more she wanted me.

You see, women want to know that we men are very active. They actually go nuts with ecstasy when they find out there is a type of waiting list.

Don't EVER make a woman feel that you are not active and careful because she will RUN!


Because women don't want you having sex with them and then acting like they are the ONE!

Logically, you would think that those who don't have sex often SHOULD get the girl, and that those who are throwing it all over the place should be avoided like the plague.

But both men and women LOVE the whoremonger and HATE the goody-goody. Because we don't want someone who will call us hourly, just to tell us for the fiftieth time how great last week was and that they may be falling in love with us.

So walk with that swagger so women will know that you are up to something. And they will get so curious that they won't leave you alone.

Oh, by the way, the woman who kept chastising me on the phone for nearly an hour? Well, she called me back once she got home from work to ask me if I was ready. She met me at a motel and I BANGED HER!

I guess she wanted to skip the line on my waiting list.