A Hair Styling Tip For the Mature Man

by Ivan Appleton

Here's a tip for the mature man.

Get your hair cut short.

Some of you may be going thin or bald in your thirties or even twenties. The number one mistake is to try and cover this fact with intricate combing of thin long hairs (ridiculed as a combover).

A combover is obvious to everyone except the man with the combover. And it looks truly awful.

Why does it look awful?

Because it is not only obvious, but it shows that you're trying to conceal the fact you're balding. It shows that you're afraid to be seen for how you really are, you're afraid of your age and you're trying to look younger than you are (but actually end up looking older than you are). It shows you haven't accepted yourself and accepted your age.

All This Screams INSECURE! to Women

So get an "honest" haircut. Women value honesty and they value boldness. Be bold. Be brave. Reveal don't conceal your "flaws".

  • Don't have a floppy fringe to try to hide the wrinkles on your forehead.
  • Don't dye away the grays.
  • Don't grow the dark bits long over the grays.
  • Don't grow it long over the thinning bits.

Don't don't don't!

Cut it short and trim. Show you've got the balls to be seen as you really are, rather than a timid guy hiding himself.

How do I know this works?

Experience. I've got a thinning spot at the back/top of my head, a furrowed brow, and grays at the sides. I had it long, then I cut it real short and gelled it down flat/forward in George Clooney style. Suddenly women started taking me seriously. It was that simple.

As an example, go to google image search and look for a French soccer player with the name of "Zidane". See how much hair he has lost (although he's young). See how he's cut it? See how handsome he looks?

Now think of the last balding guy with a combover you saw.

You make the choice.

Ivan Appleton