Approaching the Rude Bitch and How to Respond


Every once in awhile you approach a very attractive woman at a club, a bar, on the street, wherever, who is all dressed up in a manner which clearly invites male attention.

When you approach and try talking to her, surprisingly she blows you off in a harsh and rude manner — "Get away from me, perve!", "What do you want from me?", "Leave me alone!", etc...

The worst thing you can do in such cases is taking her response seriously, and subsequently change your style and behavior, withdrawing from showing your social skills and not being outgoing with other people and other women.

Don't let her change your life and the way you go about interacting with women!

Keep in mind one crucial fact — the more intelligent, the cooler, the more "quality" a woman is, the less likely she is to be rude or negative toward you, even if she is not interested in seeing you.

Ironically, you will find it to be a rule that the trashy bitches who have the least to offer, have the biggest ego, thinking that they are the shit, while the coolest, most fun-to-be-around women will in fact talk to you.

So, how should you respond to the bitch?

You should smile or laugh because what happened is truly entertaining. Inside, you should feel sorry for her.

Most likely, she has been surrounded by ghetto boys and cheeseballs all her life and has never met a normal man such as yourself. So, she is simply not ready to meet a cool guy at this point, and it might take a while (if ever) before she is ready to step up to a plate.

In fact, you should be more concerned if a bitch likes you. That would be a reason to worry about what kind of man you have become that the girls of the lowest caliber like you.

So, cheer up and be happy that you have only wasted 1.5 minutes on a woman who hardly deserves your attention and become stronger and more proud of who you are.