A Simple Affirmation That Can Produce Huge Success with Women Almost Immediately

by The Doctor

I had a great revelation in thinking due to some reprogramming I have done with the help of Swinggcat.

"I am the Prize. She wants me so bad. She is trying to get me to sleep with her. I will only sleep with her if she meets my expectations."

Say it three times a day — morning, noon, and night. Repeat it daily.

I go Salsa dancing about 4 times a week and I used to feel like the rejections from dance offers to ladies was based on ME personally. I would get angry and feel like it was something about ME that made them reject my offer.

I would usually approach 15 - 20 girls a night or more, and the more I was rejected, the more I would feel horrible. The percentage of rejections went down when I thought about Swinggcat's affirmation. I would just smile and say the line back again through my mind.

I also used to think about the rejections later in the evening when I was alone and get sad about my failures about my approach or my looks, or my style, or my dancing, or whatever.

One night it hit me — I woke up and my thoughts were so right on. All the scenarios I would dream up constantly defeating me were gone. The script was flipped. I was the prize. The girls didn't want to dance because it was their issues, not mine.

I also apply this to dating situations. It works so well.

Now the ladies ask me to dance.

To find out more about Swinggcat and his methods visit his site at Real World Seduction.