Should You Answer Your Cell Phone While on a Date?

by Mark

It seems like everywhere you look, someone has a cell phone up to their ear talking away. Everywhere I go, I hear them going off. I actually can't think of one person I know that doesn't have a cell phone.

So what does this have to do with dating?

Well, here's a story to make my point.

I have a friend that is always talking on his cell phone. He practically lives on that thing. We went on a double-date one time at a restaurant and, of course, his cell phone started ringing. Throughout the night, time and time again, he was on his cell phone.

He didn't realize it, but his phone constantly ringing and him constantly talking on his phone was a major turnoff for his date.

At first she was highly interested in him, but as the night wore on, you could tell that she was starting to get agitated and lose interest. I'd say he probably received 3 or 4 phone calls while we were eating.

Think about it, how would you feel if you were on a date with a woman, and she was talking on her cell phone time and time again? Not only is it just plain rude, it's also a major mistake in dating.

After seeing this happen with my friend, I decided to use this technique when I go on a date with a new girl: I'll have a friend purposely call me when I'm on my date. But instead of talking to him, I'll say in front of my date, "I'm sorry, but I'm with someone important right now. I'll call you back later." Then I hang up.

This lets your date know that she is important and a priority. Every time I use this technique, my date always laughs and gets a kick out of it.

So let me remind you all again, don't spend too much time on your cell phone while on a date.

Yes, cell phones are important and can be useful, but don't botch a date because you're running your mouth on the phone. Give your date the attention she deserves.

If you remember this on your dates, I believe you'll continue to be successful on your dates.