This One Little Trick Can Help You to Be Less Nervous Around Girls

by Billy the ZoMbiE

Have you ever been just about to approach a girl and all of a sudden your heart starts to beat out of control like you're having a heart attack?

Then your stomach starts turning over, and that once Suave Don Juan that was sauntering over to sweep some pretty young thing off of her feet is shaking like a loser.

Now unless you are trying to impress the ladies with your epileptic "Harlem Shake", your body has just betrayed you. We all know that no matter what was in your flawless game plan has now flown out the window because your body chickened out on you and is clouding your suave brain with all kinds of sensory input.

But you have an ace up your sleeve — the reins to those rebellious organs are right in that important bridge between your brain, where the heart and stomach are going nuts. The vagus nerve, which governs heart rate among other things, can be controlled through breathing.

The nerve sends information down to tons of things but the ones you are most worried about are your heart, your stomach, and your sweat glands. The instant you get excited all three go crazy and start gumming up the works. You'll also start to have trouble speaking because the vagus nerve plays an important role in speech also.

Now that the science lesson is over you might be asking yourself what you can do about it.

Well I'll tell you.

Take in a deep breath... now breath out slow but hard through the smallest hole you can manage letting your cheeks puff out. This breathing style puts pressure on the nerve and tells everything to reset. Your heart rate will be the first thing to return to normal then everything else will follow it.

Now you body is acting as smooth as you're thinking.