Your Four-Step Procedure for Approaching Women

by Moe Janssen

The art of approaching women successfully and consistently is going to require some effort on your part.

If you want muscles, you got to work out; making an omelet requires you to break a few eggs; and producing wine means you have to stomp some grapes.

In order to accomplish anything in life you must have a plan and every plan has a procedure — P.O.P.C.


Before you approach you must think about what you are going to say and do. You must practice and rehearse in front of a mirror.

Imagine the situation, how you are going to handle rejection/fear. Work on your inner confidence then outward confidence (congruent body language).


Start the conversation with an icebreaker that spews attention/confidence in an authoritative voice with a little smile.

Using a pick-up line here is very tricky as women can sense a hidden agenda. Stick with the survey/opinion/advice questions. Questions that are open ended (ones that require a girl to elaborate) as opposed to closed ended (yes/no responses) give you info to use to continue the conversation.

Example: "Why do you think a man should pay on the first date?" If she is interested, it's game on... if not, move on.


Making slight fun of her or her answers shows that you are a little cocky, not like every other guy out there, and gives you an edge.

If done effectively she should smile, get all red or laugh. Her response informs you of what type of person she is, her interest level, and initiates the attraction process.


Sealing the deal in this theory means the completion of each step in numerical order successfully. Success meaning you peeked her interest enough where she:

  • lowers her defense mechanisms (smiles, laughs, positive/multi-syllable answers)
  • feels comfortable conversing with you, not forced
  • senses you have no hidden agenda (sex, a date, money, sex)
  • volunteers her info (phone number, email address, hands you a business card, tells you to stop by her work, etc).

The Bitch Factor

Not all women you approach are going to receive you warmly, especially if they sense that you are on a mission. They will shut you down instantly and an inexperienced man will be eaten alive.

Banter is best left to the professionals. A cocky opener while trying to poke fun at her will set these types off. Submission from a woman like this is not going to be easy. Defusing her hostility or defense mechanisms requires you to appear as if you capitulated.

"I know you're used to being around Bad-Boy types, that treat you like crap, but I bet you that you can't say anything nice for 10 seconds."

If they have nothing to offer except abuse... move on... she is NOT beautiful on the inside.

Moe Janssen