How to Have Girls Begging For Your Attention

by Chris

By traveling to different countries and different cultures you basically become the unique guy in any group. You are the instant target of interest. And if you go somewhere exotic, all the girls are exotic too!

I went to Brazil and was surrounded by chicks that you can't even dream of here in Australia, and lots of them were keen simply because I was Australian.

Where I come from skinny white boys aren't usually popular with the chicks. But in the middle of a street party in Brazil I had hotties left, right, and center literally begging me just to kiss them.

I see it here in Australia too. American exchange students come to study here and the girls are all over them. This isn't because we like Americans either. The general perception of the US is a bunch of loud, arrogant wannkers.

But it doesn't matter... the fact that you are different makes you stand out in the crowd and the chicks dig that.

How many times have you heard a chick speak with an accent and been turned on instantly even if she isn't that hot?

So you travel... then you come home... and you now have life experiences that will become great conversation pieces. Like when I swam with piranhas in the Amazon or bought cigars in Cuba. You become the adventurer and chicks love that crap too.

And lastly, the best part is that traveling the world, even in small doses, will make you open your eyes to yourself. Your self-confidence will go through the roof. You will come back a different man and the things in life that used to be obstacles or intimidating will no longer be an issue.

Remember, there's a hell of a lot more to life than chicks.

Success with chicks is just a side effect of a life well lived.