How to Find a Special Girl That's Not Crazy

by Sam

Now a lot of people will tell you that their girlfriend/ex-girlfriends are crazy. We all know that in many cases this is true.

They oftentimes are irrational, sporadically crazy, or just plain bitches. Unless it is that time of the month, there is usually something wrong with them. I believe 90% of women are like this.

On the other hand, there are ways to find the ones that are not.

A girl will do a couple of things with any man that she talks to:

  • She will analyze the hell out of you.
  • And she will constantly test you.

How she reads and evaluates these results are based a lot on how she grew up.

They say a girl will always marry a man that reminds her of her father. A lot of the crazy women that are obsessed with the physically/mentally abusive boyfriends had dads that did these same things.

How Do We Weed Out the Crazy Girls From the Less Crazy Girls?

I always make sure to incorporate a few tests.

Ask her about her relationships with her ex-boyfriends. If she is still friends with them, then it means she can maintain a healthy relationship after the fact.

Also, see how she reacts to you having friends that are girls. If this bothers her a lot then it always will, and will probably generate trust issues in the future. If you find her constantly questioning your intentions towards her, then it also might mean she has serious trust issues.

If she says things like "You are just trying to get with me, or in my pants" — avoid her. A girl that is going to provide you with a healthy, good relationship should be confident with herself, thus allowing you and her to lead independent lives, free of drama.

A final thought is to watch out for women constantly accusing you of cheating, being somewhere you aren't, or liking other women. In my experience many of these issues arise because the women themselves are guilty of something similar.