The Secret of Not Getting Stood Up For Your Date With a Woman


If you are somewhat proactive and successful meeting women and getting their numbers, I am sure you have already found how common it is for women to talk to you on the phone, be nice and friendly, set up the time and place to meet... and never show up.

Frustrating, isn't it?

The secret to minimizing the likelihood of flaking lies in your first telephone conversation.

Many guys take the wrong route during the first telephone conversation with a woman.

They play it safe, being polite, agreeable, nice and almost formal on the phone avoiding anything extreme, unusual and INTERESTING. This leaves a woman feeling... NEUTRAL about you.

Now, neutral is not good enough. She might agree to meet you at the end of the conversation, but on the day of your date, she is going to think — hmmm, I don't really think I am going to have that great of a time.

Think about yourself — when there is something you want or need to do that you feel indifferent about, do you feel like doing it? Hardly! The same applies to women!

So, next time you get a number and get her on the phone, TAKE RISKS. Talk about anything other than the normal. DON'T BE AVERAGE.

Be playful, humorous, and talk about unconventional, unusual stuff.

Forget about "where are you from?" and "what do you do?" boring crap. You will have plenty of time to ask that later. Create feelings of fun and excitement in her, and she will be eager to see you on the day of your date.

It's possible that she will be freaked out and offended by your humor, but that's a good thing — you will weed out the narrow-minded and dull women right away and won't waste any of your valuable time on them in person.