The Awesome Power of the Smile In Attracting Women

by Reese Witherfork

As a woman, it took me a quite a long time to learn the power of simply smiling at men.

In my early twenties, I was such a grouchy little thing that I always thought it was better to scowl when I was out in the world, than to spread a little love, and just check men out and smile at them.

I'm an above-average looking girl, but when I see the way a man's eyes light up and his pants go *kaboom* when he's realized that a woman is actually smiling at him — I may as well be Gisele Buncheon, because this man is now puddy in my hands.

I can also tell you, as a woman, that when a man comes up to me with a big, genuine smile on his face, I don't care if he looks like George, from Seinfeld — I'm going to give this guy a fair shot of getting a little love from me.

People who smile are happy people. They're honest and affectionate and — guess what — those people get a lot more action than the grouchy, cynical people.

Try to remember that, guys. Picking up babes is supposed to be fun — not a painful chore.

Have fun with it — and I guarantee, you'll thank me for this tip later.

Reese Witherfork