Talk Is Cheap — Make Her Prove It to You

by Roberto

I'm a kitchen hand at a major function center and we usually finish up at about 2 in the morning. I was very tired one night, being a new kitchen hand I was a little frustrated, lack of sleep and all.

Anyway, two of the loud girls (floor staff) were chatting away and one of them said to me "I love you, Robert" out of nowhere.

I thought "whaaaaa?!"

So I just blurted out the line, "Prove it."

Needless to say they were frozen and didn't know what to say.

Of course then they just giggled on, plenty of smiling and they became very friendly to me after that, if ya catch me. The point is I called them out. They obviously didn't mean it, duh, but I thought about these two words afterwards. They seem to go well with just about any sort of situation.

I was at a party one night and one of the girls said, "I think I'm very attracted to you."

Wow, hmmmm, ok, what now?

It took me a second... "Prove it then."

She said "how?"

"Give me a kiss on the cheek and sit down on my knee."

She did! We had a good time that night, but I wanted to get her number instead of any sorta hanky panky (my family was there), and we're now dating each other.

This line I find is gold because of one thing:

A Woman Can Be Judged Only By Her Actions,
Not Her Words

A lot of women say things, a lot of things, but never actually mean any of it.

  • She says she wants a threesome? "Prove it. Get that friend of yours over one night after a few vodkas then."
  • She says she feels attracted to you? "Prove it. Give me your number and we'll go out some time."
  • She says she'd like to date you only if she didn't have a boyfriend! "Prove it. Dump him then and we'll go to the beach this Saturday."

You catch my drift. Most of the time the girls will not mean what they say, but it can turn things around in an instant from these difficult situations.

If they don't mean what they say you just say, while smiling of course, "Yeah, that's what I thought..."