How to Pick Up a Woman In a Nightclub — Follow These 6 Simple Steps

by Pimp

Nightclubs are one of the best places to meet women. Most of the women are there because they are single and available or are with someone who is.

To pick them up you need to follow a few simple steps:

1) After you enter the club begin to observe who is making eye contact with you. You will get eye contact if:

  • You are dressed a little above average.
  • You give off the aura of being a confident alpha male type.

2) If you notice a woman giving you lots of eye contact then half of your battle is won.

Make sure you return the eye contact and add a smile acknowledging her interest. This is where most guys fall down and become wimps. You gotta convey that you are not afraid of her in the least bit.

3) After you have selected your target from the women who are interested in what you have displayed (ie: proper dress, attitude, etc.), go over to her and say:

"Hello, what's your name?"

(She answers.)

You say, "My name is *****. When a good song comes on I want you to dance with me, ok?"

(She will 99% of the time answer ok.)

You have taken control away from her and placed it in your greedy little hands.

If you can't dance well then say to her: "Hello, how are you this evening?"

This simple statement will open the door to further conversation. This simple technique is almost impossible to mess up.

4) After you have asked her to dance tell her you will be back in a moment and leave her. Go anywhere, to the bar or circle the club where she can't see you.

5) When a song comes on that "you" like, go back to her and grab her hand and pull her to the dance floor. I never ask her to dance again, I just charge in like an alpha male and take her.

It has been my experience that women find this irresistible and will most likely follow a dominant male who knows what he wants and where he is going.

This will take you out of the possible friend category and put you into the mating category. Women are always looking for possible mates to bear their children. It's in their genetic make up.

When a real man comes along they can't help but respond from their basic instincts.

6) You gotta know how to dance.

There is no excuse in today's society. It doesn't matter what nationality you are. Anyone can learn to move their bodies to the music and express themselves.

On the dance floor I will start with simple dancing with a small space between us. If she shows interest, I will move a little closer and put my hand on her shoulder. If I still get the go ahead, I will then start to control the way she moves and guide her into dirty dancing style.

By this time she is helpless and ready for whatever you want.