How to Give a Woman Your Number with Style and Class

by Jon Spreadbury

Once you've broken the ice and initiated some good conversation with women, it's time to go for the number exchange. But what's gonna set you apart from every other guy out there?

How about a business card?

I have cards premade that I carry with me everywhere, much like a businessman. My card simply has a picture of me surfing as the background, has my name in the top corner and my number in the bottom corner. Simple enough.

I was talking to these 2 girls that were on vacation from Tennessee and we hit it off instantly. Well, they were getting ready to leave and I noticed that one of them went to their car (we were standing in a parking lot).

She came back with her phone, and as she went to ask for my phone number I handed her one of my cards. She looked at the card and said, "A business card... that's hot."

And sure enough, they both called the next day.

Meeting and attracting girls is business, and sometimes a difficult business. So why not be prepared with a business card?

It puts you a step ahead of women and at least 3 steps ahead of the average joe.