How to Impress a Woman on Your First Date

by Jay

What is the typical first date?

I would guess about 90% of you would say either a movie or dinner at a restaurant, which is indeed true. However, I have discovered in the last year another first date that beats these two in every single criterion:

The YOU-cook-for-HER-at-YOUR-place date

Here is how I go about it...

Whenever I talk with a woman and am interested in asking her out on a date, I smoothly change the conversation to food/cooking. Say something like "I'd love to cook for you, but you'd have to clean the dishes!" (of course, with a smile!).

Always plan something for after the dinner — this makes her comfortable with the idea of coming to your place. This is the time to go to the movie theater or anything that makes you exit your apartment/house.

Most girls will be impressed that you are confident enough to cook for her without expecting any dirty "favors" in return. Knowing this, she will, in most cases, say yes. (If not, she might not be interested or might want another type of date.)

Bringing her to your place is not all, guys — this is where you need to show her your skills.

Before she arrives, clean your place. Have it smell like oranges, buy potpourri (I'm serious!), have an immaculate bathroom, make your bed, etc. You can put any type of music (or none at all), but not Barry White (that is a you-want-sex-from-her detector for women!) lol.

Buy a red wine, baguette bread, some mozzarella cheese, Italian prosciutto, strawberries, chocolate and pasta if you don't have any. Prepare entrees with the bread, mozzarella and prosciutto, serving wine while it heats up. Then, prepare a lasagna or any specialty of yours (Italian food is soooooo easy, cheap and good) and serve it on heated plates.

Afterwards, prepare chocolate fondue with your favorite fruits (strawberries are a must, they are programmed in women's brain to make them attracted to you, lol).

You can of course change this up, but I can tell you by experience, a dinner like this will cost me about $15, probably 1/5 of the restaurant cost, and without all the fuss about who pays.

I suggest not to go overboard (caviar, 100$ bottle of wine, etc.) because this comes off a bit strong (and expensive for you, without added value), like if this first date is a huge deal for you (it shouldn't be!).

The night will show her your skills and your class. You should end up above at least 95% of the guys she's dated, and you'll know about it. Expect to hear words such as "sophisticated", "classy", "charming", etc.).

So if you were able to get good vibes with her, you can expect things to go well. Being the Don Juan that you are, you can judge to see if going out afterwards is absolutely necessary (I normally do) or if watching a home-movie is good. (Always be prepared though... a good movie, condoms, a new toothbrush and towel for her, etc.)

Worst off, you're $15 in the hole with a good meal in your stomach.

Try this out at least once; it's good for your wallet and your love life. And remember, girls talk between themselves; this can be a reputation-builder.

Hope this helps you as much as you guys help me!