Women Crave Sex Too

by BetaJ

Believe it or not, women crave sex too!

After going to infinite college parties, and learning more about women and dating in general, I've come to realize something. A lot of guys go out thinking that they need to have this amazing case in order to get a woman to want to hook up with them, because women "naturally" don't crave sex.

Tell me this, how many of you have gone to a Mardi-Gras themed party or perhaps even to actual Mardi Gras? Women will do some insane things in front of numerous people for a necklace of green plastic beads. These beads have no real life value; they can't sell them to anyone, and they sure won't wear them to accent that new skirt they bought.

So why are these women making out (and more) with guys for these completely useless beads?


Women are taught from birth to be a "good girl" and that sex is bad, and being sexually free makes you a slut or whore. So they repress their sexual urges due to fear of humiliation or loss of self respect because it's "wrong."

The next step they take is they subconsciously LOOK FOR EXCUSES to unleash those sexual desires, and a green plastic bead necklace is a pretty good reason... don't you think?  haha

Now I'm not saying that when you go out on your next date that you should bring a healthy stash of Mardi Gras beads, all that would get you is a good solid slap (or a really good laugh).

Just don't assume that the woman isn't interested in going home with you.

Eliminating this kind of thinking will boost your confidence and your game in general.