She Killed the Nice Guy

by Wee Willy

Inside every player lies the grave of a nice naive guy killed by heartache.

Slaying this persona is probably the most painful growing experience a person can go through. Thankfully, on the other side is maturity, wisdom, and emotional control — all of which lead to power over women.

It happens to the best of us. When the lady you bet all your chips on walks out, there's very little you can do. No matter what you try, you can't get her back!

This sudden loss of control spurs some guys to the florist or the jeweler. But you can't buy her love. Some are inspired to take up the pen and write a heart-wrenching sob letter. But you can't reason with her. You talk to her friends to try garnering some support, but it backfires when they tattle on you to her.

In the end you look like a repugnant desperate psycho, shunned and completely undeserving of love and affection.

This may happen with multiple women before you realize that this happened for a reason...

The problem is your needy, nice-guy behavior.

Growing up we learn that you treat others as you want to be treated. Be kind, you get kindness. Show respect and you will be respected. Give, and you will get.

When it comes to women, everything you learned in kindergarten was undoubtedly very wrong!

I hate to be a nihilist, but here's the cold hard truth — most of us are in this life alone. She doesn't care about you. She's off schtooping somebody else, having the time of her life. Nobody's responsible for your happiness but you. And even worse, nobody cares if you don't get there. Likewise, nobody deserves for you to bend over backwards for them.

Immediately after this moment of clarity, the weight of these stark revelations crush your egg-shell mind. This is where your psyche breaks down.

You essentially die emotionally. Your reality is detonated. You lost your love and you can't fathom why.

You may have trouble going to work, eating and sleeping. You lose your composure. You cannot concentrate. You may numb yourself with alcohol or drugs. It's a dangerous time. This is where socio-paths, liars and cheaters are born.

Eventually you begin to ask yourself hard and healthy questions.

Why were you so dependent on her affections? Why did you bet your future on this woman? Why didn't you see this coming?

Then you examine the things you did to lose her or drive her away. As the Emperor said to Luke Skywalker: "Only now, at the end, do you understand!"

Like a caterpillar, you are in hibernation waiting to spring forth strong and majestic. Take this time to build yourself up better than before.

Study the ways of women. Learn to decipher their body language and their woman talk. Invest in yourself. I suggest you travel and learn about the world. If you have anxiety problems visit the doctor. If you have self-confidence issues, see a therapist.

It's a hard process. But rest assured when you escape the cocoon fully developed, you won't even recognize yourself.

Wee Willy