Where to Meet Women

by SamePendo

Where do you meet women?

Where do you usually go?

Both should match.

You are a great person, with great hobbies, habits. You go to great places, so should she.

Ask most guys where they meet women — that's where their main problem is. They go meet women in places they simply don't like.

First off, they don't know how to approach women; and over that, they don't really have a possibility of liking those women they approach. To meet a woman you like, you must first put a mirror in front of you... who are you? What do YOU like?

To go someplace to meet women, you must first like that place, so that you find people who like that place too. Why? Because then you have one big thing in common.

Why would you go to meet women in a place you don't like? That's the stupidest thing you can do. As stupid as getting together with someone you don't like.

What Do You Like?

Sports? Soccer? Meet women at soccer class or related events. Do you love the gym? Meet her at the gym, or yoga class, or whatever. Just be ready to approach women.

Keep in mind you'll find bitchy women everywhere. Disco, Yoga Class, Gym, Library, Concert, Club, Bar, School, Park, Mall... wherever you look, there WILL be un-available and un-wanted women (lesbians, bitchy women, psychos)... it's simply a fact.

The bright side is that there ARE women (women worth your time), anywhere, everywhere. Just remember to be ready to approach these women.

This leads us to answer a question that is very, very frequently asked... Where to meet women?

Well, meet women at the places you like to go. If you don't go out, start going out. I'm not talking about clubs (I personally don't like them)... I'm talking about ANY place you want to go. Just go out. Wherever you look, there ARE women, anywhere, everywhere.

To sum it up:

  1. Stop being a wuss.
  2. Know who you are and what you like.
  3. Do those things you like, and go where you like to go.
  4. In places where you go and do things you like, *Be ready to meet women!*
  5. Chill. Relax. You ARE The Man.