Getting More Female Attention

by Ivan

A lot is written on these boards about body size and weight training. Actually, these things have been studied scientifically, and a surprisingly simple result has been found.

It is this:

The key determinant of attractiveness of a male body to a woman is the waist-chest (or waist-shoulder) ratio. In much the same way as waist-hip ratio is key for female attractiveness to men.

Rated from 1 to 8 in attractiveness, a ratio of 0.7 or lower consistently rated an 8 (most attractive), with above 0.75 dropping off quickly, and above 0.8 basically unattractive.

Big shoulders, trim waist. That's it.

But it is more subtle than that. It's the size of the shoulders RELATIVE to the waist (i.e., the shape) that counts. Body size makes little difference! A tall slim swimmer with broad shoulders or a shorter bulkier boxer, or a massive football player, it's the shape that counts. Even height doesn't over-rule this. A tall man with skinny shoulders is still not rated highly!

This is actually good news! You can't change your height. You can't change your basic size (much), but you can change the muscle mass on your upper body dramatically. The key is to not go for pure mass like a powerlifter (they get big waists and lose the V-shape), but big shoulders, chest, upper back, whilst keeping a trim waist.

You know this is true. Men with huge bellies are repulsive. Athletic v-shapes are attractive.

Don't worry about the comment some women make about not liking body builders. They are talking about the extreme and bizarre bodies of competitive bodybuilders. They still like the muscular V-shape, believe me. Aim for that 0.7 and watch the difference!

I was skinny with a ratio of 0.85 a year ago. I weight trained hard and noticed something starting to happen when I got to about 0.75. Now I'm around 0.74 and even that has got me a whole lot more female attention.

You don't believe me?

Ever had an overweight female friend and you thought she "wasn't your type" or you made all kinds of excuses (to her and yourself) as to why you wouldn't go out with her? Then she lost weight and the curves of her waist and hips came out and suddenly she became your "type"? (and every other guy's!)

Well, same thing happens when you build up your shoulders. Women who all had a thousand good reasons why it wasn't going to work out between you and them, suddenly come sniffing around again.

Get in shape, build up those delts, pecs, lats and keep that waist trim.


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