My Kiss Close

by Johnny Alpha

I developed a kiss close one day during a moment of insight that has had an 80% or better success rate for me and those guys I've shared it with.

Typically, I can use it within 25 minutes of meeting a woman that I've initiated a conversation and spent time with.

Once I get that "nervous" feeling (a friend of mine feels it as going legless, like his legs are numb or missing), which for me is like having a 5th grade crush that's making me feel all rubbery and like I'm floating inside — I know I have a 'go' or 'escalate' signal that I'm responding to.

I will pause, lean back, and say "Can I... ask you a question?"

This creates compliance and curiosity, as she will agree that you can — so it is her idea. She is also curious. She'll say something along the lines of "What do you want to ask?"

At that point I pause again, and kinda change my mind and say something about, "Naaah, you might see it as inappropriate", or "You might... not like it..."

I'll beat around the bush for minute or two, making her intensely curious, till she's very eager to know. And then I'll pause again, look her in the eye and lean over to kiss her. I usually slowly reach over and bring her closer as I lean in, the kino and certainty in my response reinforces the action.

I will kiss her well, then lean back, kinda half smile and say something like "I hate to repeat myself, but should I ask you again?" and repeat. Else I stop and say "I guess that was the right answer...", then I go on chatting until the tension builds again.

I have rarely had a "NO", and no outright "NOs". If it bombs I casually go on talking, keep up the conversation and try again later, or next time — and usually succeed.

My first ten or so attempts with this were successful. Try it. I have had excellent feedback from other guys.