Are You a Good Man?

by 007

Last night I discovered something that enlightened me very much, and I think most of you could also benefit from this.

I got home as usual and sat down to a late meal. It wasn't long before I was bombarded with depressing thoughts about being single. I thought to myself, "Man, I've learned all these skills, I'm good-looking, I have a lot to offer to a relationship, yet I'm single."

It bothered and depressed me that I was a good man without a woman by his side.

Then it dawned on me: isn't one of the main characteristics of a "good man" strength? To be a good man you have to be strong emotionally, even more so than physically. You have to be the anchor in the relationship.

If I am really the good man I think I am, then shouldn't I possess the strength to overcome my negative thoughts?

Essentially, I realized that I was contradicting myself by feeling sorry for myself for being a good man and not having a woman... yet a good man doesn't feel sorry for himself.

So what does it mean to be a good man:

1) To walk right up to any woman and strike up a conversation even if it means rejection. A good man doesn't hesitate and feel sorry for himself if he gets rejected. Because good men are strong. That's one of the most important characteristics that make a good man who he is.

2) He is confident in every way. He stands by what he believes to be true and maintains his values.

3) He knows how to treat a lady well, but he isn't a pushover.

4) He is proud, but not too proud to freak out over a relationship.

5) He doesn't feel sorry for himself. He is strong, and strong men don't have time for that crap.

6) He gets off his computer and boldly gets the women he desires. He doesn't worry about being the best looking guy out there, or having the most cash, or being the most popular guy on the planet. He just does what he needs to do, plain and simple.

So remember, the next time you feel down about yourself because you claim to be a good guy, yet you don't have a woman. If you really were such a good guy, you wouldn't be depressing about the whole idea of being single in the first place.