Attract Women By Having a Passion

by Huisy

Have a passion!

Having a passion is a very important aspect of being a Don Juan. It is yet another tool within your arsenal to give off a good aura. And building a good aura will win you half the battle, and will attract women to you.

So, why have a passion? There are many reasons, but I'll quickly run over the main ones.

Having a Passion Provides a Conversation Starter

By standing out and having a passion few others have, you will attract attention. Many women have simply talked to me at the bar saying "man knows what he likes" or "you seem to know a lot about..." This is great, because from the start the balance is in your favor. SHE chose YOU to talk to.

Women Like Men to Be Passionate About Something

It's a classic man quality that every woman yearns for. A man who does not take anything seriously, or is not seriously into at least one thing is dull.

Having a Passion Will Improve Your Outlook on Life

By getting into something not many others have, you will feel better about yourself, and you will have some unique knowledge/skill which you feel makes you a better person. It improves confidence in yourself, which will help in all other areas.

I'm going to give a few examples now. I don't necessarily recommend these things. I simply think that they are great passions, and they can be applied in a bar area (very popular place to pick up women).


I had always enjoyed cocktails, but never really knew anything about them. So, I got a book on great cocktails, and read loads of recipes on the websites. A true cocktail aficionado enjoys the classic cocktails the best, and knows exactly what he likes.

The classics are (amongst others):

  • Manhattan
  • Vodka/Gin Martini
  • Cosmopolitan

Amateurs will order the classic cocktails, but what separates the aficionados is that they know the buzzwords and know how to customize their cocktail. "Shaken, not stirred" is never used, since each drink is best prepared one way, and doing it the other way will either froth it up or not mix it properly. Examples:

  • "Dirty vodka martini, with Absolut."
  • "Manhattan on the rocks, perfumed and with a twist."

I'm not going to explain the buzzwords, or to tell you others. The point is that people will notice who really knows what they are talking about.

Onto the benefits:

At the bar (or at a table), any woman within earshot will immediately catch on that you are a man who likes his drinks, and doesn't settle for the average crap. This obviously sends out the right signals — he must have the same attitude toward women. You can alert many people as to your status this way.


I am not a wine buff. The stuff isn't really appealing to me. I just like spirits. This one though, has a potential to be even more appealing to women, as an awful lot of women like to drink wine in bars.

I have a friend who is a wine buff, and after women have heard him ordering wine, have approached him asking which wines are a good choice. This is very clever trick to attract women, and shows great sophistication. It's a shame I think the stuff tastes horrible!


Cigars are a classic power symbol, and many people smoke them in classy bars as a one off. They know nothing about them, and order the most expensive one on the menu (why not? They're celebrating!). Again, you can easily stand out here by knowing a little bit about cigars.

Of course, there are people who find smoking a filthy habit and you may turn these away, but there are plenty who won't be offended. Most women smoke when going out here in the UK anyway, so it's not really an issue.

If you are dressed appropriately, by smoking a cigar, you can instantly create the image of a powerful individual (even if you are not). This may or may not be your goal, but it will attract women!

So those are my examples. Of course there are many many more, but I chose ones that can easily be demonstrated in a bar. A passion for just about anything is a good thing, but the easier it is to demonstrate, the better. For instance, if you have a passion for mountain climbing, that's great, but you'll have to subtly let on that you know loads about the subject.

Do whatever makes you happy, or do whatever you think is cool. Whether it is or not is not really an issue because enthusiasm is infectious, and if you show enthusiasm for something, you will get those around you interested in it as well.

One important point:

Never explicitly state your passion, you will sound big headed and look like you're trying to impress (a big turn off, especially if you fail to do so!). Instead, convey specialist information about the field, and get the woman to ask why you know so much.

By conveying the information, it seems you are just talking, but the woman will pick up on the fact that not many people can know what you know without actually being into the particular hobby. Women will eventually ask you why you know so much. Try to downplay it a little at this point.

Your knowledge speaks for itself, you do not need to speak for it.