Eye Contact Tip

by Huisy

I was told this by a friend of mine, who is a policeman. It's not terribly complex, but it works really well.

Looking into somebody's eyes for a long time is quite difficult. Most men will feel a little uncomfortable after a while. But constant eye contact sends a very powerful image about confidence, because so few have the confidence to look for so long.

In the police world, constant eye contact is used to intimidate the interviewee, to stop him/her trying to lie. This is how the police do it:

Just look at their eyebrows.

It's very simple. You will look like you are giving deep eye contact, but you will be slightly off center. So you will find that you can do this without any of the usual feelings you get when looking deep into a person's eyes (be it for love or aggression).

Of course, there are times when you want to feel those feelings, but I think this tip works great when first talking to a woman.