An Example of the Phone Number Close

by KiInCollege

I consider myself about an 8, but a 6 in the body. I notice a 9 classmate waiting for our Calculus class to begin. After having gotten brief eye contact and finding my smile returned...

Ki: Hey girl, what's your name?

*I am not trying to be her friend. My interest in her would be obvious to anyone standing within ten or even thirty feet away.

Her: Hey, I'm Dana.

Ki: That's a pretty name...

*I wait briefly to see if she will ask for my name (interest level gauge).

Dana: What's yours?

*Oh goodie.

Ki: It's Ki. Nice to meet you.

Dana: Yeah (smiles).

Ki: (smiles with eye contact) So, whaddya think about our class?

Dana: Oh God, don't get me started.

*The mild ranting begins.

Ki: I know... our teacher's frikkin' crazy. But he knows his stuff.

Dana: Yeah, that's true.

*The conversation continues for a few more minutes.

Ki: Well hey, it's about time to get in there. Lemme call you up sometime (playfully seductive smile).

*Notice I didn't ask; I demanded in a very warm way, while delivering a killer smile.

Dana: Okay (smiles)...

Ki: (Smiles)...

I close in on her personal space as she writes her number down; seeming as though I'm checking to make sure she's writing legibly. When she looks up to hand me the number, my face is half a foot away, with my eyes meeting hers. A breath escapes her. I take the number.

We walk into class. I do not sit next to her, but rather in my usual seat. I wonder if she will follow me to my seat, but she takes her usual seat as well.

Well played, my dear...