The Right Cologne

by Uncle Smooth

Trying to find the right cologne to wear in the attraction arena is a subject that many men could use some brushing up on. Picking a good cologne that not only smells right on you but also fits your personal style takes a bit of skill and a lot of active awareness.

If you are not careful, you will spend lots of money on colognes that simply do not mix well with your body chemistry. And even though they smell great to you, because you are use to your own bodily odors, the scent you are sporting might be killing your chances with the ladies before you open your mouth to initiate first contact with them.

However, if you happen to come across a cologne that really works with your body chemistry and accentuates your own unique style, then your chances with the ladies could dramatically improve.

So, you are probably asking yourself, "How do I begin looking for the right cologne for me?"

Before you can answer this question, you must be ready to accept that what you think smells good might be the wrong cologne to use unless all you are trying to do is smell good for yourself. Also, the goal behind finding the right cologne is not always to smell great necessarily. Smelling good is nice and all, but it is not always as effective as you might imagine.

Of course you do not want to smell bad. What you want to do is smell unique and interesting. There is an art to choosing the right cologne and the men who master it strive to leave women with a certain feeling rather than simply striving to smell good.

When I go looking for a new cologne, I always take a woman with me. If she says something like, "That one smells sort of nice on you!", I know immediately that that is not the cologne for me unless I just want something to wear around the office.

What I am waiting for her to say is "Gee, that cologne is really interesting. I'm not sure what it is about that scent but it has a certain appeal to it!" Because what she is really saying is that the cologne has an attractive quality and a sense of mystery to it rather than merely saying it smells nice.

And what you are trying to do is get your hands on cologne that attracts women to you, not merely makes you smell nice around them. It is extremely important to understand this fundamental difference. Because if you don't figure this out, you will waste a lot of time and money with colognes that make you smell nice like every other guy who just smells nice.

To illustrate this more clearly, imagine the first time you cuddled with a woman who was wearing a perfume that lingered in the room, on your pillow, or on your jacket. Even though she left ten minutes ago, her scent is still there to remind you of your experience with her when she was around.

This is the kind of effect you want a cologne to have when trying to attract women. Because if you are wearing the right cologne and you hug a woman and some rubs off on her, often this can cause a woman to start thinking about you more intensely even though you are no longer in her presence. Women know this trick very well and use it on us men all the time to keep us thinking about them even when they are not around.

Another important key to remember is to always have more than one type of cologne to switch between. This way if you see the same woman a lot, you will not smell predictable around her.

I have a friend who wears the same cologne around everywhere he goes. The problem is that some women told him that his cologne smells nice and as a result that is all he will wear. Unfortunately, none of these women are dating him.

It is because even down to how he wears his cologne, he is predictable. By rotating between different colognes, you can play a little game of hard to get with a woman's sense of smell. And don't underestimate a woman's sense of smell. Teasing a woman's senses — especially her sense of smell — tells her on a whole new level that you get it.