Six Words to a Less Awkward Conversation

by B-Law


Ever feel like you're about to get stuck in a conversation that is vital to getting you those very important and prized digits? How about a dinner date that's beginning to feel like both of you are engaged in a very competitive "you talk first" game?

Dude, continue to ask questions. Delve deeper into her persona and psyche. Always look for the next angle, even if that means you have to interrogate her. Nothing's worse than awkward silence.

While she's talking about whatever subject you both have chosen and you start to get that inkling that the conversation is going to get stuck, think of these 6 beginnings to a question; you're GUARANTEED to have something constructive and plausible.


"Yeah, I love basketball! I used to play back in high school."

"Really?" (Crap, I got nothing, she's gonna see me sweat and know I'm a hapless loser who will be lonely the rest of my life...THINK!)

  • Where did you play basketball at?
  • Why did you stop playing basketball?
  • When did you go to high school?
  • Who is your favorite team?
  • What was your position? (insert sexist comment here)
  • How good were you?

And that's what it is all about; nothing really deep but nothing completely off-kilter. Just keep it moving.

But please guys, focus on being a good storyteller — you have to reciprocate sometime.

Now go, and be the man you were born to be.