The Extraordinary Impact of Respect

by PracticalHappiness

I bet you wondered at one time or another — how is it that a woman brushes a guy's advances off, responds to his words or attention negatively and with a cynical smirk, while at other times she is totally into him.

The answer is in a somewhat simple yet extremely important term — Respect.


You can get that respect in two main ways:

  1. Through a skill (what you do).
  2. Through your personality (who you are).

Let me elaborate...

Have you wondered why women are attracted so much to bartenders. Is it because they are the hottest guys in a bar?

No! It's because they deserve the most respect in that bar. They demonstrate their skill — they work and they are there for a valid reason. 99% percent of all other guys are just hanging out and looking "pretty" and have to resort to other means to be attractive.

What about artists or comedians? They, better than anyone, demonstrate their personalities to the entire world, and that's why women want them so badly.

On the other hand, go say something provocative to a female passer by. You are guaranteed to get a negative look and a harsh word in return... if you are lucky enough to not be ignored by her.

Why? It's simply because you didn't earn any respect and you showed a lack of respect for yourself by demonstrating that you didn't know how to approach her properly.

Here Are a Few Real Life Examples
of How the Degree of Respect You Get Changes the Dynamics In a Given Situation

If you approach a woman with a cheesy pick-up line, you show that you don't have the skill or personality that would entitle you to respect. You don't have the skill of a natural conversation, and you don't have the personality of desiring to be genuine and different from others.

On the other hand, if you say something casual and neutral in the woman's presence that is relevant to the situation, even without appearing as if you are coming on to her, she might just respond very favorably... because she respects you and... she respects the fact that you respect yourself.

If she is smart and socially astute, she also realizes how rare such guys are.

When on a date, if you are too pushy and forward, you come across as desperate for sex and affection. This demonstrates your lack of skill in getting women and lack of strength in keeping your pants up. Why would you get any respect for that?

Conversely, if you behave like a wimp, being passive, agreeing with everything she says and doing everything she wants in a supplicative manner — you will not be respected either and for obvious reasons.


If She Respects You, She Will Be With You

Don't take me wrong. I am not suggesting you should work on earning a woman's respect for a month before getting intimate with her. You can get the requisite respect in just a few moments.

Your genuinity, your ability to communicate with pride, and with a belief that what you do is right and actually is flattering to a woman in confidence and in a way which portrays creativity will earn you a great deal of respect in just minutes. This is partially because so few guys know how to do it.

I will go even further and suggest that your smile can get you much more respect than a grumpy, sad, depressed look. Your eye contact and approach will earn respect automatically regardless of what you say and what the outcome of your communication will be.

On the other hand, if you stare without doing anything, you earn progressively more disrespect as time goes by, communicating your hesitant, apprehensive nature and lack of skill (ability to initiate a contact) and lack of personality (confidence).

So, treat yourself with respect and women will notice — after all, you are one of the few!