An Example of Sheer Confidence, and How It Attracts the Ladies

by Maurice Janssen

Yesterday I went to a beach here in Michigan. There were a few hot chicks tanning, lots of muscle guys with 6 pack abs all oiled up, tons of men with deep tans... yet not one of then made any attempt at trying to converse with the ladies.

One guy with a dark tan, gold jewelry, and decent shape, slowly walked up to this one chic and talked to her... less than 5 minutes later he wandered off, tail between his legs.

Then, almost out of nowhere, this guy, this OLD GUY — I'd say late 40's early 50's, balding, and I do mean very little hair, out of shape, skin all wrinkles, lil pot belly — pulls up in a speed boat. Anchors the boat, walks up to the beach and, GET THIS, actually walks up to a hot chic and says hello.

She turns and says hi back.

Now this chic was in her mid-late 20's and slim and cute. He bends down to talk to her. I saw laughter from him, lots of smiling. And then less than 10 minutes later, she shakes his hand and begins packing her stuff.

Now I thought — this guy was good, but no info exchanged. BUT she walked with him to his boat and they road off together. It was cool cause he had to lift her up into his boat. Three hours later she returned.

Tons of HOT guys all around yet not one of them could match this guy's talents — A TRUE EXAMPLE OF SHEER CONFIDENCE.

Looks, body type, age, hair, etc. — mean absolutely nothing if you don't have the inner confidence.

I wanted to talk to this guy but never got the opportunity. I was impressed to say the least.

Maurice Janssen
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