Find an Emotional Outlet

by Daniel Francis

You can't go around whining every time a woman rejects you.

You'll be a hopeless, depressing person and definitely won't get girls. You'll be a wuss!

However, many people find not expressing emotions much easier said than done. You keep your feelings inside you and you're likely to have a mental breakdown. And, in certain instances, experience a condition known as "head exploding into a million pieces." It's rather uncomfortable.

So find an outlet.

For example, guys who write music, but who are fairly unskilled with women, will often find the writing comes much easier as they have a lot of raw emotions bottled up inside for their music.

Paul McCartney and John Lennon, who as young stars always appeared unaffected by any girl's rejection, often wrote very emotional songs as an outlet for these pent-up feelings. Some of those songs (Help!, If I Fell) are some of their biggest hits.

Poetry and art are also great outlets for pent-up feelings. Both are emotional artistic mediums that you can convey true feelings in. Writing can even help you release these feelings.

Remember, showing emotion is a big turn off for women, but emotions often can make great inspiration for the arts.

And the arts can be a great way to release these emotions that have to go somewhere.

Daniel Francis