How to Overcome Your Fear of Women, Rejection, and Dating

by Mark

Fear is a very powerful force. Fear can stop us from accomplishing our goals, hopes, dreams, and from reaching our full potential.

One of the major things that keeps people from being successful in dating is not being able to overcome fear. How many times have you let fear stop you from making a move on a girl you liked or kept you from approaching an attractive woman at a club, bar, or somewhere?

Fear can paralyze you due to not wanting to be rejected.

Most of the time, we usually regret not approaching or starting a conversation with that person. We know deep down inside that we should go over there and talk to that woman, but something inside stops us.

Negative Thinking

Sometimes, the first place that we lose the battle is in our own minds. As soon as some men want to go talk to a woman, they get a negative thought in their head.

"What if she turns me down? I'll look stupid and embarrass myself in front of everyone."

It's those types of negative thoughts that hold men back from meeting someone that could have a lot of potential.

We can't control every single thought that comes into our heads, but we can control whether or not we're going to dwell on that thought or not. If a negative thought comes into your head when you're about to approach a woman, immediately cast that thought down with a positive thought.

Remember, you control the gateway to your mind. A lot of dating is a mental game within ourselves that we must conquer.

There is tremendous power in our thoughts. Control your thoughts by keeping them going in a positive direction.

Get rid of fear. Fear causes a barrier. Focus on doing well and succeeding. Expect good things to happen. Learn to re-train your mind and start thinking some power thoughts.

If you do this, I believe you will start to overcome your fear and ultimately be on your way to being more successful in dating.