Starting Interesting Conversations

by BasicInstinct

I was at a club this weekend and decided to post some techniques I used to get the digits. Although they are geared for a bar/club environment, you can probably apply them to any situation.

1. Try not to start a conversation with "hi".

Although this is a good starter when you are beginning to get confidence cold approaching women, the problem is it tends to lead to boring conversations. I've found that when I started with this line, it will inevitably lead to the whole "where you from/what do you do" type conversations that most losers fall into.

Instead, try out something like this:

Situation: 2 girls talking to each other at a club.

Me: Excuse me ladies, are you two talking about girl stuff?

Girls: Yes! (They usually say yes.)

Me: Well, since you're at a club with a hot guy like me, we'll have none of that! My name is BI, and this is my friend so and so.

(This is assuming you have a wingman. If not, just introduce yourself and start talking to them. It can work either way because you're including both of them in the conversation.)

2. Go off on tangents, avoid typical questions.

Don't ask girls typical questions that everyone else would ask. Here is an example:

Me: So where would you like to live if you had a choice?

Her: Probably Florida.

Me: Florida? Don't you know they have sharks in Florida? Didn't you ever see Jaws?

Her: (starts laughing)

(At this point, you need to judge her reaction. Does she want to talk about this? Is this an interesting subject? If so, go with it. If she doesn't, bring up another topic.)

Me: Speaking of Jaws, did you ever have braces when you were a kid?

(blah blah)

The point here is that when she mentioned Florida, I didn't comment on the typical things about it -- the sun, the beaches, or the clubs. Instead, I went off on a tangent and mentioned something obscure and made her laugh. Since the girl didn't have a response to this topic, I went off again and started talking about braces.

Chicks dig this type of non-linear conversation, as long as you don't go overboard with it. It shows you're creative and spontaneous and differentiates you from the other guys that hit on her.

3. Do not ask her "where are you from/what do you do" unless absolutely necessary.

This should be self-explanatory. Don't ask them these questions unless you've run out of things to say (in which it's a better idea to simply get the digits and leave).

If she's interested in you, you'll find out these things in due time. But you want to make a good impression on the girl from the initial conversation and approach, and the best way is to keep the conversation light and interesting.

Good luck.

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