Never Depend on a Woman for Emotional Support

by Dr. Madhu Guptan

I am an avid follower of the website and its teachings. And I must say its teachings are absolutely fabulous and fit in with the Indian concept of how an Ideal Man should behave as detailed in the Kama Sutra (the ancient Indian treatise of love and sex).

I am a 25 year young doctor from Delhi, India, and I feel that these principles can be applied all over the world, where men and women exist.

In addition to the great insights on the website I feel that all DJs should concentrate on really building and nurturing their relationships with their parents, brothers, sisters, and other blood relationships.

When you have great relationships going on with all members of your family, you will naturally feel confident, cheerful, and most importantly, emotionally secure and not needy.

Never Depend on a Woman for Emotional Support!

Women are masters at emotional warfare and the moment a woman senses that you are wholly dependent on her for emotional support, she will remorselessly use it as a weapon against you.

Never dance to a woman's tunes and never let her think that she is more important to you than your parents and other folk. A woman naturally admires and respects a man who shares great relationships with all his family members and behaves with them according to his feelings for them, and not according to what she tells him to do.

Lastly, a Real Man takes good loving care of his parents ALWAYS.

Remember that they were always there for you when you were young and you should be there with them when they are old and helpless. Love them unconditionally, and you will be emotionally strong and fulfilled.

Dr. Madhu Guptan