Practice and Get Comfortable Talking with Beautiful Girls — the Easy, Fun, and Cheap Way

by R-Dawg

I'm not sure if you accept reader input, but after a good shopping spree last night I thought I'd submit some advice.

One of the biggest things to overcome as you rocket up the ladder of playerdom is to feel comfortable talking to complete strangers. As in completely beautiful strangers.

You may say to yourself "I don't know this girl." You may think to yourself "I'm no psychic, how can I possibly know what makes her laugh or turns her on?"

The key is practice. The more you learn how to talk, the better you will do.

Did you know that you don't need to head to a local bar? You don't need to pay money to get on a chat line? No need to pay $5 for a coffee at your local cafe?

There Is a Free Booty Camp In Every City

It's called the Shopping Mall.

Here you will find hundreds of stores, hundreds of gorgeous young women working them. The best thing is... their job is to talk to YOU. They are there to service YOU. There is no room for bad moods or not answering your questions or being bitchy.

So here's how you get your practice:

First off, be presentable. If you are wearing dreads, ripped jeans, unshaven and smell, you may not get a good response. Be presentable.

Don't walk all over the mall looking for the hottest girls or cashiers. You are there purely for practice. You are there to work out your verbal muscle. Nothing more.

When you walk into a store, don't hunt down a girl. Wait until they are ready to talk to you. Interrupting a girl when she is busy won't do you well. You are looking to be 1 on 1 with her at her most ready state, as you'd like to be in a pick up situation.

If the store is too busy, no problem — walk into a different one.

I recommend male clothing stores. Women know full well that we are no good with fashion. They want to help us with our feeble ability to coordinate. This alone can lead to many opportunities for funny jokes, stories and as well, sharpen your listening skills. You never know, she may teach you a few great killer fashion tips as well.

You think women don't care how guys dress? Think again.

So you say "Do I have to buy anything? She'll think I'm cheap."

You aren't there to buy stuff. You're there for practice. Keep that in your head and you'll be fine.

Once you feel good in the malls, take it up a notch. Walk into a lingerie shop and tell the ladies you are shopping for something hot for your lover. You will be mind boggled.

I walked into a well known shop once and was immediately greeted by a gorgeous brunette who had a name tag something like "Candy". I told her what I needed and she said "I'm yours" with mega flirtatious eyes. The next half hour was one of the hottest experiences ever.

TIP: Tell her that your girl is really similar to her. She will show you herself, pose for you, try lingerie on for you. Play like this is your first time buying lingerie. They will do almost anything to make you feel comfortable.

Women are pros at this. This will give you practice at talking on a sexual level with women. Not to mention, it will be a memorable experience and hey, much like the men's fashion, you may learn some killer lingerie tips — which would boggle a women's mind that a man would even know.